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Wed Aug 2 10:32:54 EDT 2000

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, [iso-8859-1] Edson Richter - Via Ápia wrote:

> Hi, guys: if, for all the people that send some message to the list,
> the first question is "what version of FreeTDS are you using", why
> not release a new jar file (in format freetds_0xx.jar)?
> If anyone ask me what version of FreeTDS I'm using, sincerelly, I
> don't know...
> But if JAR file was packed informing this (or If I have one "main"
> method, that when I execute java -jar freetds.jar direct into
> command line, list all caracteristics, at least version, is fine).
> The version could be automatic tracked using CVS $version: parameter
> into System.out.println command...
> I used this into my own classes, since JAR files are
> "autoexecutables", easyly I can get version of release...
> My 2 Cents...

Excellent suggestion.  In fact, if the JDBC side of this list had a
FAQ, the first question should be:

 Q. What do I need to supply when I ask about a problem I am having
    with freetds_jdbc?
 A. At a minimum, you need to specify:
      1. The version(s) of freetds_jdbc you are using.
      2. The version(s) of the TDS protocol you are using.
      3. The version(s) of the JVM you are using.
      4. Which DBMS you are using (including version and platform).
      5. Which platform you are running your client software on.
      6. Whether the problem is present with the latest snapshot.
      7. What other layers are present (e.g., CGI wrappers).
    If you supply all this information, you will have a *much*
    better chance of eliciting helpful responses from the list.
    Of course, any other information (including source code)
    sufficient to allow someone else to reproduce the problem
    will be useful as well.

Of course, question number two would be:

 Q. How do I tell what version of freetds_jdbc I'm using?

Edson-- Would you be willing to submit a patch which implements your

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