preparedStatement problem

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at
Wed Aug 2 09:21:08 EDT 2000

>>>>> "bd" == bill dossett <bd at> writes:

 bd> There is an XOPEN SQLState that should say what state 2 is,
 bd> according to the java docs, but I can't find it, anyone know
 bd> where that is?

Don't think the state in the error message has any connection to the
SQLSTATE you are referring to. According to "SQL-99 Complete, really"
by Gultzan and Peltzer SQLSTATE is a 5-character string, which "2"
obviously isn't.

Could you please send a stack trace with line numbers for your
exception (disable the JIT if you don't get line numbers) for the
exception you receive? I've searched the sources and found "Internal
Error" in a couple of places - non directly related to
prepareStatement as far as I can tell.

Also, if you are using SQLServer 7: Could you please append ";tds=7.0"
(without the quotes) to your JDBC URL and see if the result is



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