preparedStatement problem

bill dossett bd at
Wed Aug 2 09:03:33 EDT 2000

I deleted the renamed jar files and
now it's ok.. oh, maybe I didn't restart
tomcat once and it didn;t recompile them
as it seems to weird.

Anyway, problem still exists and I've poked
around some more...  I am not using IN ?
paramters in the statement, I am passing
it a plain old SQL statement....  I've just
grabbed the SQL statement exactly as it was
passed to con.prepareStatement and it runs
fine with no errors.  There is an XOPEN
SQLState that should say what state 2 is,
according to the java docs, but I can't find
it, anyone know where that is?  Tried searching,
with popular search engines, but I only get the page I 
found the reference to it on, grrrr.  


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