[JDBC] Better web site & JDBC only mailing list??

Jon Strande jstrande at microserve.net
Wed Aug 2 08:36:36 EDT 2000

First off, once again thank you for this great driver!!!!

I have seen quite a few emails come in from this mailing list
that I think could be addressed by a FAQ listing on the site.

Q. Which version should I download?
Q. How do I get the source?
Q. etc.

I would be happy to work on this! Please let me know if you are

Also, is there more than one mailing list? So that people who are
only interested in the JDBC driver can skip the other messages?

Thank you in advance!!!

Jon Strande
jstrande at microserve.net

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From:	Stefan Bodewig [SMTP:bodewig at bost.de]
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Subject:	[freetds] Re: preparedStatement problem

>>>>> "ER" == Edson Richter <- Via Apia <richter at viaapia.com.br>> writes:

 ER> why not release a new jar file (in format freetds_0xx.jar)?

I'm all for it (almost typed +1 here, silly me). Craig, what do you
think, are we up for some kind of new minor release (perhaps we need
to merge in Bob's and Michael's patches first)?

freetds_jdbc-0.2.1 or even freetds_jdbc-0.3. I feel the new features
would deserve a 0.3.


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