[PHP-DB] MSSQL + FreeTDS and No SQL Errors Returned

Steven Campbell sammynrg at phalanx.bloor1.on.wave.home.com
Wed Aug 2 08:24:11 EDT 2000

"Sanders, Nicholas" wrote:
> I've managed to get PHP4 running on a Linux box connecting to SQL Server
> with FreeTDS many thanks to Steven Campbell and sky for their help.
> Is anyone else out there not getting SQL errors returned to the browser so
> the script just stops. So if the SQL is executed at the top of the script
> then I get a 'The page cannot be displayed' error from IE and a popup from
> Netscape saying 'The page didn't contain any data'.

Yeah, I get that all the time, especially returning large result sets.
I've been able to minimize the core dumps by minimizing my use of stored
procedures and cursors that return huge chunks of data. Sucks since most
of what I need to do is already written in the form of stored procs, all
I need to do is exec it with the correct parameters.

I have sent queries to the FreeTDS newsgroups, with no useful response.
I basically asked them what the "Unknown marker !!" errors are in the
Apache error_log, and a few compile errors. That's about all I have to
go on, since I don't have adequate TDS knowledge to troubleshoot the
protocol problems right now. 

The other unfortunate is that I don't have a choice but to use FreeTDS.
Our web servers are FreeBSD or Solaris x86, and under Solaris the Sybase
ASE TDS libraries aren't included with the SQLAnywhere server, only some
ODBC libraries, and the NT SQL server doesn't like Sybase's ODBC
drivers. And on the FreeBSD box, there are _NO_ Sybase TDS libraries
other than FreeTDS.

Steven Campbell

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