preparedStatement problem

Edson Richter - Via Ápia richter at
Wed Aug 2 08:01:56 EDT 2000

Hi, guys: if, for all the people that send some message to the list, the
first question is "what version of FreeTDS are you using", why not release a
new jar file (in format freetds_0xx.jar)?

If anyone ask me what version of FreeTDS I'm using, sincerelly, I don't

But if JAR file was packed informing this (or If I have one "main" method,
that when I execute java -jar freetds.jar direct into command line, list all
caracteristics, at least version, is fine).

The version could be automatic tracked using CVS $version: parameter into
System.out.println command...

I used this into my own classes, since JAR files are "autoexecutables",
easyly I can get version of release...

My 2 Cents...

Edson Richter

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>>>>> "bd" == bill dossett <bd at> writes:

 bd> Hi, I'm getting the error message:

 bd> java.sql.SQLException: Internal error.  Bad State 2 at

Bill, which version of freetds are you using? The latest snapshot? If
not, please try to do so - the 255 character issue with
PreparedStatement has been fixed there.

Does the update statement work if you use a plain Statement (and
replace the ? parts yourself)?


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