preparedStatement problem

bill dossett bd at
Wed Aug 2 07:57:23 EDT 2000

Hi Stefan, thanks for the quick reply... I don't have the
current snapshop and was trying that first, but I'm such
a hopeless newbie at setting up java stuff that I can't seem
to get the new jar installed, do I have to do something to
get java to use a new jar?  I was testing it, because originally
when I got it to work I dropped the jar in three different
directories to get it working with tomcat...  I was trying
to clean that mess up now by renaming each one of them
to old_freetds_jdbc.jar one at a  time and seeing where
the program failed to find them.  After renaming the last
one on my system and the programs are still working, I've
concluded that the jar file gets compiled into a larger jar file
somewhere or something??? I've restarted tomcat and
all the work apps get deleted when I do that so tomcat
has to recompile them, but it's still finding the driver.
 sorry, I'm trying to get up to speed on this as fast as I can...


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