preparedStatement problem

bill dossett bd at
Wed Aug 2 07:03:53 EDT 2000


I'm getting the error message:

java.sql.SQLException: Internal error.  Bad State 2

when I use

  PreparedStatement MM_updateStatement = 

the MM_updateStr is long, and I saw a known_bug issue
regarding more than 255 chars when using PreparedStatement.setString()
but I'm not calling that method...  the update string
looks ok to me, so I'm a bit lost.. and did I mention a
complete newbie to coding java servlets by hand.  I'm running
this with an linux apache, tomcat, freetds and  ms sql server 
configuration.  My SELECTS work ok so the whole thing basically
works, but I can't get the update to work.


Bill Dossett

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