make error.

James Cameron cameron at
Wed Jul 26 20:18:48 EDT 2000

Tim Uckun wrote:
> cd . && aclocal
> aclocal: 15: macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library
> gmake: *** [aclocal.m4] Error 1

Usually caused by libtool.m4 not being found by aclocal.  Check that you
have installed libtool, and if you have installed it in /usr/local with
aclocal in /usr/ you may have to place a link to (or a copy of)
libtool.m4 in the other locations that aclocal looks in.

If aclocal is built with --prefix=/usr/local then it will look in
/usr/local/share/aclocal/ for the libtool.m4 file, but if it is built
with --prefix=/usr it will (of course) use /usr/share/aclocal ...

The problem is caused most frequently by upgrading libtool on a Red Hat
system into /usr/local, while aclocal was as per the distribution.  The
libtool install scripts then place libtool.m4 into /usr/local and the
aclocal can't find it.

James Cameron                                      (cameron at

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