[jdbc] build_2_0_with_javac.bat patch

Maraya Michael maraya-michael at dol.gov
Wed Jul 26 18:06:49 EDT 2000

	This will update the batch file for compiling the JDBC 2.x driver so
that it works with the new patches that were rolled in last week.  I used
"diff -ru" under WinCVS (sadly, I am not allowed to use Linux at work).

	This is my first attempt to ever "patch" anything so let me know if
I screwed up and where.  If this goes well, what I'd like to do next is get
rid of all those deprecation warnings I received when I compiled the source
using JDK 1.3.

	By the way, is this the place where patches should be sent or should
I send them to Craig directly?

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