[JDBC] 0x79 packet, upgraded, then got fatal er ror. - update

Camilleri, Paul (P.S.) pcamill2 at ford.com
Wed Jul 26 11:57:30 EDT 2000

> Your jar file is corrupt...
> Try download using GetRight, or other software (GoZilla, DAP, etc).

Gotcha, thanks!  I re DL'ed it with a differnt client - now it compiles, and
runs, but...

I'm still getting the exception thrown when I try to execute the query.


	"Protocol confusion.  Got a 0x79 packet"

I'm not getting it occasionally, I get it every time.  Is it possible that
it's because my syntax is wrong for the stored procedure, or should I not be
using the stmt.executeQuery() to invoke it? 

Is there any sample code someone could point me to?  I want to get a full
resultSet back from a stored procedure, not just a single item, and any code
I've seen seems to be executing updates through a stored procedure, not a
query with multiple results like I need to do.

Again, thanks for any help...


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