[JDBC] 0x79 packet, upgraded, then got fatal error.

Camilleri, Paul (P.S.) pcamill2 at ford.com
Tue Jul 25 16:12:30 EDT 2000

I'm new to FreeTDS, and JDBC.

I'd like to use stored procedures, and was converting some earlier code to
use that instead of rolling my own query.

With this code:

            String query = "exec sp_get_site 'sitename'";
            CallableStatement cs = con.prepareCall(query);            
            ResultSet rs = cs.executeQuery();

Client is NT, server is SQLServer 6.5, I'm in Visual Cafe 3.0 professional.

When I ran it, I got a failure message of "Got a 0x79 packet."

A check of  old list messages turned up a few people asking what this meant,
but no real responses except "upgade to the latest version, 0.2 is old."

So I got the latest freetds_jdbc.jar file, but now when I compile, I get

Fatal Error: C:\VisualCafe\Java\Lib\freetds_jdbc.jar: invalid END header

What's up with that?  I have a feeling I've got a two stage problem here.
Any help would be appreciated.


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