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Mark H. Wood mwood at IUPUI.Edu
Thu Jul 20 09:52:52 EDT 2000

> On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Tim Uckun wrote:
> I am wondering if you think freetds is suitable for a mission
> critical type of a web site. 

It matters not what I or anyone else thinks of this question.  The
question you need to answer is, "now that I've tested freetds, do *I*
think it is suitable for *my* mission-critical applications?"  If you're
really going to bet your business on a DBMS application, you should test
the candidates rigorously no matter whence they come.

Also consider that a given product could be hopelessly broken w.r.t.
something that doesn't occur in your application, and yet be the best
choice for you.  You need to define what "suitable" means in this project
of yours.

Some questions that might help to focus your testing, or even to speed 
your decision:

o	What are the current known problems with freetds?
o	Where might I encounter unknown problems, because that facet of
	reliability or performance has not been thoroughly explored w.r.t

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