[JDBC] autocommit -- rollback on statement close

Valentin Todorov (SEA) Valentin.Todorov at sea.ericsson.se
Thu Jul 20 09:31:16 EDT 2000

Yes, I had the problem a couple of months ago (posting from 20.4.00, "Problem with JDBC commit()") and changed the application code accordingly. Fortunately this was not that complicated. 
Not only Weblogic driver, but neither of these that I tested does it that way. I do not see any reason to bound the transaction processing to a Statement object.


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> I searched the archive for autocommit and didn't see anything 
> similar to 
> this.  I am using the latest build of the JDBC driver.
> In my application I turn off autocommit so that I can group 
> updates into a 
> single transaction.  However, It appears that with this option, when 
> closing a statement, the transaction is automatically rolled 
> back.  The 
> Weblogic SQLServer JDBC driver that I have used doesn't do this.
> rollback/commit is defined in the JDBC API as a connection 
> behavior instead 
> of a statement behavior.  Is it appropriate to rollback on a 
> statement 
> close?
> I've changed my application code so I reuse statements 
> instead of closing 
> them, but I'm still curious about this.
> Jonathan Carlson
> Software Developer
> Minneapolis, Minnesota
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