FreeTDS on WinNT

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at
Thu Jul 20 02:29:11 EDT 2000

>>>>> "DBL" == Daniel Bruce Lynes <dlynes1 at> writes:

 DBL> On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, John Zeng wrote:

 >> BTW, which software is used for accessing CVS to get latest source
 >> code?
 DBL> Cvs.  You can obtain the Windows version from

 DBL> Last time I used it, it didn't have all of the features of the
 DBL> UNIX version.

AFAIK this WinCVS includes a command line version of cvs that's a full
port of the Unix version - so everything you can do on Unix could be
done at the command prompt.

The generic site for CVS is <> of course.

And talking about JDBC, there is a pure Java GUI <>
but I have never used it - so I can't comment.


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