Should I use FreeTDS JDBC Driver?

Emmanuel Blot eblot at
Wed Jul 19 12:16:59 EDT 2000

AFAIK, SQL Server 7 limits the varchar type up to 8000 chars.
If you want to use longer text string, you may have to use 'ntext' type that may lead to more complicated code (ntext is an awful
type, with strong restrictions)


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> Sounds like a silly question, but I want to make some things clear
> before I go thru the procedure of adapting my application.
> I'm currently writing an application, which makes heavy use of
> long strings. I'm using MS SQL Sever 7 and I go up to the limits
> of its text fields ( somewhat about 8000 chars). Is this a problem
> for FreeTDS JDBC? Is the JDBC Driver currently supporting TDS 7.0?
> I'm now using the JDBC-ODBC bridge, but since it's not thread safe,
> I produced a lot of deadlocks in the past. Can this be avoided by
> FreeTDS?
> Thanks in advance
> stefan
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