Should I use FreeTDS JDBC Driver?

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at
Wed Jul 19 12:06:08 EDT 2000

>>>>> "SH" == Stefan Hauth <stefan.hauth at> writes:

 SH> Is the JDBC Driver currently supporting TDS 7.0?

Yes and no, talking of the latest sources/snapshot of course. It does
support long varchar values, but it doesn't implement the full JDBC
standard and there are many things still missing.

At best you go and try simple testcases that prototype your intended

 SH> I'm now using the JDBC-ODBC bridge, but since it's not thread
 SH> safe, I produced a lot of deadlocks in the past. Can this be
 SH> avoided by FreeTDS?

FreeTDS does a lot better than the JDBC-ODBC bridge with regard to
concurrency but I'd never bet that deadlocks can be avoided in every
case - I wouldn't do so for any non trivial application anyway.


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