TdsConfused error

Jonathan Carlson jcarlson at
Tue Jul 18 18:49:44 EDT 2000

Does this look like something I can work around easily?

com.internetcds.jdbc.tds.TdsConfused: Protocol confusion- Was expecting a 
length of 17, got 2
 at com.internetcds.jdbc.tds.Tds.getDecimalValue(
 at com.internetcds.jdbc.tds.Tds.getRow(
 at com.internetcds.jdbc.tds.Tds.processSubPacket(

This is the SQL I was executing....

SELECT Person.PersonId, Person.Name, Person.Age, Person.Wealthy, 
Person.LastUpdated FROM Person_jcarlson Person WHERE Person.PersonId=2

In case it helps, this is the CREATE statement for the test table I was 
selecting from:

CREATE TABLE Person_jcarlson (
  PersonId    Integer PRIMARY KEY, 
  Name        Varchar(32) NOT NULL, 
  Age         Numeric NULL, 
  Wealthy     Numeric(1) DEFAULT 0, 
  LastUpdated DateTime NOT NULL )

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jonathan Carlson
Java Developer
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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