Stefanos Karasavvidis stefos at
Tue Jul 18 20:28:10 EDT 2000

Finally !!!

A JDBC driver for SQL Server that is a) free and b) has no problems with
concurrency and c) works with Unicode characters.

It’ s a long time ago when I first encountered the FreeTDS site with the
hope to find a free JDBC driver for Microsoft’s SQL server. I got
disappointed because I couldn’t do my job with the version provided by
then, but following the mailing list the past 2 months did bring up hope

Today I got rid of the lousy and buggy JdbcOdbc bridge from Sun (at
least as far as SQL Server is concerned).

>From this point I want to thank all the contributors for providing such
a good peace of work (I can only name Bob Kline and Stefan Bodewick, but
I assume there are more out there)

Greetings from Greece


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