JDBC Problems (maybe)

Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter richter at viaapia.com.br
Sat Jul 22 19:13:46 EDT 2000

I'm using FreeTDS with JDK 1.3 and MSSQL Server 7.0

My MSSQL Server 7.0 are compiling stored procedures that make access to tables that does not exist (is it normal???), and if I try to use this stored procedure using ISQL/w, MSSQL Server reports error, but when using FreeTDS no Exception is trown (only execute returns false).

What's the problem? Is the protocol TDS 7 different? Or it's a real problem into FreeTDS???

(IMHO, MSSQL Server should not make possible compile a Stored Procedure that references a table that does not exist, but... MSSQL is Microsoft, then...;-)


Edson Richter

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