getCatalogs() and getTables()

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at
Mon Jul 17 04:39:16 EDT 2000

>>>>> "CS" == Craig Spannring <Craig.Spannring at> writes:

 CS> It should be working now.  The code is checked into the CVS
 CS> repository and should make it into the jar snapshot in a few
 CS> hours when the cron job gets around to creating it.

Great news - thanks Craig!

One thing - that should probably be added to the README - if you want
to use the SQL Server 7 support, you need to append ;tds=7.0 to your
JDBC URL, i.e.


instead of


which will still work - of course - but neither support Unicode
character types nor CHAR/BINARY columns with more than 255 bytes


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