getCatalogs() and getTables()

Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter richter at
Fri Jul 14 10:55:55 EDT 2000

Well, RH 5.1 is GLibC 2.1.2, and I've used IBM JDK 1.1.8, BlackDown
1.2.2RC4, and know, I'm using IBM JDK 1.3 Beta (while I'm development
environment, all is ok. But large threads really give high trouble in
Linux). I'll try to use Sun JDK 1.3 early.

About OUPUT parameters, I really love to contribute with development, but
I'm working at two companys, doing 12 hours by day.
All that I can do is test is several plataforms, and do reports about

With Java, I'm using mainly JSP and Servlets, with Jakarta-Tomcat 3.1 and
Apache 1.3.12.

Edson Richter

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> Hi Edson,
> >>>>> "ECER" == Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <richter at>
>  ECER> Excuse my poor english. Sometimes I make some mistakes writing
>  ECER> in english.
> I had no problem with anything you've written - and English is not my
> native language either, we are in the same boat.
>  ECER> Of course, the only unique "problem" (not's a real problem, but
>  ECER> a feature not yet implemented) is no having support to OUTPUT
>  ECER> parameters in Stored Procedures...
> Yes, and I'm afraid this will take a while to get implemented - I may
> be wrong but I think some more packet sniffing and reverse engineering
> is needed here.
>  ECER> The plataforms that I'm using:
>  ECER> (RH 5.1)
> Somewhat off topic, which JDK are you using there?. RedHat 5 is glibc
> 2.0 based, isn't it? I had lot's of trouble with any JDK using
> anything less than glibc 2.1.3. Did you go the hard way of upgrading
> the C lib or are you just living dangerous?
> Stefan
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