getCatalogs() and getTables()

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at
Fri Jul 14 09:13:38 EDT 2000

Hi Edson,

>>>>> "ECER" == Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <richter at> writes:

 ECER> Excuse my poor english. Sometimes I make some mistakes writing
 ECER> in english.

I had no problem with anything you've written - and English is not my
native language either, we are in the same boat.

 ECER> Of course, the only unique "problem" (not's a real problem, but
 ECER> a feature not yet implemented) is no having support to OUTPUT
 ECER> parameters in Stored Procedures...

Yes, and I'm afraid this will take a while to get implemented - I may
be wrong but I think some more packet sniffing and reverse engineering
is needed here.

 ECER> The plataforms that I'm using:

 ECER> (RH 5.1)

Somewhat off topic, which JDK are you using there?. RedHat 5 is glibc
2.0 based, isn't it? I had lot's of trouble with any JDK using
anything less than glibc 2.1.3. Did you go the hard way of upgrading
the C lib or are you just living dangerous?


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