getCatalogs() and getTables()

Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter richter at
Fri Jul 14 09:02:09 EDT 2000

Excuse my poor english. Sometimes I make some mistakes writing in english.

Of course, the only unique "problem" (not's a real problem, but a feature
not yet implemented) is no having support to OUTPUT parameters in Stored

But I've solved this using a resultset at final of Stored Procedure with the
value of my process result.

And yes, is that I'm talking about. I've fixed this and
all are working right now.

The plataforms that I'm using:

Server: NT4/SP5; MSSQL 7.0 SP2
Clients: Win95; Win98; Linux (RH 5.1); NT4/SP5

But I'm using Swing interfaces rarely. At most of time I'm using Servlets
(then FreeTDS are being used most of time with Tomcat + Bitmechanic into
Linux and NT4).


Edson Richter

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> >>>>> "ECER" == Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <richter at>
>  ECER> I had some problems, in real world, but due to BitMechanic JDBC
>  ECER> Pool - and really, neither Bitmechanic neither FreeTDS was
>  ECER> incorrect
> Could you please elaborate? What was the problem what has FreeTDS been
> doing wrong? You know, we could fix this if we knew about it 8^).
>  ECER> (at lest one modification was needed: support for JDK 1.3)...
> I guess you are talking about a patch to This one
> will be part of the merged version Craig is working on.
> Stefan
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