AIX endian problems

Mark Schaal mark at
Tue Jul 11 19:33:25 EDT 2000

> The error message in question doesn't come from any code in the tds
> library.
> It comes from the Sybase server as part of a server response (04) packet.
> The "tds" unittests apparently don't stress the library enough to detect
> this error.  All the dblib unittests fail if the library is compiled
> for AIX with HW_BIG_ENDIAN.

Hmm, not good.  I set up freetds on a Sparc here which is also a
bigendian processor.  I'm running tds4.2 against MSSQL 7.0
and don't get your error from tdstest, but that might be because
of the different servers.  I did notice a likely bug in the message
handling, but can't tell if that's a bug in freetds or in MSSQL.
I'll try to find time to check the dblib unittests, but I don't 
think I'm going to be able to figure this out from here.

If you set TDSDUMP and send the dumplog from running tdstest, I
can tell you if that corresponds with what my Sparc is doing, 
for what it's worth.

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