AIX endian problems

Mark Schaal mark at
Mon Jul 10 16:27:51 EDT 2000

> I've compiled the tds library on AIX 4.3.2.  This is big endian hardware.
> Autoconf defines both HW_BIG_ENDIAN and WORDS_BIGENDIAN.
> While the tds unittests all report success, the "sample" tdstest.c
> program fails.  The dumps all include the following message:
>   The token datastream length was not correct.  This is an internal
>   protocol error.
> Thanks,
> Tom

If you pass the unittests you should be okay.  There are some
endian issues with TDS7.0 on big endian hardware for certain
data types, but I believe that should be the only problem case.

Oddly, I couldn't find your error message anywhere in the freeTDS

Hope that helps,

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