PHP4/FreeTDS speed issue (long updates are slow)

Michael Kimsal michael at
Fri Jul 7 12:08:12 EDT 2000

$db->query("update sessions set session='$val',gc='".time()."' where 

If I comment that line out, everything is blistering.  If I leave it 
in, I'm back to 100-300 extra ms.  

My *reads* aren't long at all - even pulling back a 1200+ row 
record set, the system is quite quick.  However, it seems writing 
is slow.  As the $val gets longer, the system is slower.

I've got this compiled as tdsver=7.0.  4.2 is not much faster, but it 
gets rid of the 512 byte problem I was having.  

On a separate note, I've tried tdsver=5.0, but that doesn't seem to work 
at all - I'm using SP2 on SQL7, which I thought I'd read could handle 
tds5.0, but I can't find where I read that (did I just make that up?)

On 07/07/00, "brlewis at" wrote:
> Can you isolate just where the page is taking so much time?  If it's in
> building the string, then it's a PHP4 problem.  If it's in executing the
> statement, then it's a FreeTDS problem.
> Are you doing a long series of insert values, or just one long insert
> select?
> -- 
> Bruce R. Lewis

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