PHP4/FreeTDS speed issue (long updates are slow)

Michael Kimsal michael at
Fri Jul 7 10:36:28 EDT 2000

Hello all...

First off, I've not contributed before, but have lurked, and 
am very grateful we've found FreeTDS - thanks to all involved!

Now, on to our problem here...

We're building a shopping application on Linux which is 
using MSSQL7 on NT.  The system was working fine 
until we started storing the session data in the database 
instead of the local filesystem.  The longer the insert is 
(more items in the shopping cart) the longer the page 
seems to take.  We're talking a page that took 80-100 ms 
now taking 250-400 ms.  Eventually, the page breaks, 
as I get an "Invalid SQL query" error if the entire 
query string is over 512 bytes (closest estimate I have 
as to the breaking point).

Are there any switches/flags I can set to make this work 
(and work faster)?  This is currently compiled as -tdsver=7.0 
I think - would going to 4.2 be better?

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