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Matthew Grooms mgrooms at seton.org
Thu Jul 6 18:11:33 EDT 2000

So do you have a copy of the most current code then?

>>> dlynes1 at home.com 07/06/00 16:58 PM >>>
On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Matthew Grooms wrote:

> Alright, I am pretty busy myself but I will see if I can't get a little more familliar with the freetds code and maybe help you out a bit. I would love to see another free odbc driver for unix. If you can tell me where your at and who is working on what that would be great.

I'm still trying to figure that one out, myself. :)

Afaik, the only ones currently working on the ODBC driver are myself and Bob.
There's other people attempting to use it, but afaik, none of them are actually
writing any code for it.

I've written the code for the SQLGetFunctions(), I've added some generic
functions to strip leading and trailing whitespace from strings.  I've fixed the
hash function, and the string compare function, so that they work (that's what I
needed the whitespace stripper for), I've got it working with the latest
unixODBC, and the latest Sybase ASE.  I've also got it reading in a new setting
from the ~/.odbc.ini file for the port number of the server.

I've only got it working with unixODBC from a manual editting of the odbc.ini
and odbcinst.ini standpoint.  There is no dialog-driven configuration available
under unixODBC for it yet.

I have also fixed the makefile for the odbc driver so that it makes properly
under glibc2.1.2.

The default port number for the odbc driver is now 4100, with the code I've
provided, which is consistent with the default port number for the latest Sybase
ASE installation.
Bob and Ken have both made modifications to the code also.  Afaik, none of Bob's
or my changes have been integrated into the latest CVS repository.  Also, afaik,
Ken hasn't contributed anything since Ma or June.  So, I don't know if he's
still active in the the ODBC driver development, or not.

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