Problem with float-Fields using FreeTDS and PHP4 wi th MS SQL 7.0

Wasson, Tim WassonT at
Wed Jul 5 10:02:13 EDT 2000

I've tried hitting MS SQL 7.0 desktop from Linux/Apache/PHP3 and all the
floats I had were coming through as zeros.  Switched to reals and they work

Not a real fix, but another data point

Tim Wasson
Koch Industries
Wichita, KS

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> Subject:	[freetds] Problem with float-Fields using FreeTDS and PHP4
> with MS SQL 7.0

> I can't access fields that are declared as float. doing a direct access
> via select price from table results in strange numbers like
> 14.08945123344 where the entry really is 2790.00.
> using convert(char(12),price) produces randomly correct Prices with
> some results containing nonsense like "(a|§..." and a segmentation fault
> after x processed rows ( x < 10). Even a convert(int,price) does not work!
> Has anyone an idea how to cope with float-Fields from PHP4 via freeTDS ?
> Thank you
> K. Wegmeyer
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