still not working

Bob Kline bkline at
Tue Jul 4 11:16:18 EDT 2000

On Tue, 4 Jul 2000, Andrius Lokotash wrote:

> Hi all.
> We hawe still problems with it, the newest atchivment is message
> what lynx is outputing "unexpected network error, unable to access
> document" when accessing php script. Thats all.

As with any failure involving multiple components, the approach most
likely to succeed is to isolate the pieces.  Here's what you're working
with now:

SQL Server <-> network <-> OS <-> freetds <-> PHP <-> Apache <-> Lynx

I would advise backing off from all the way down the end of the chain
and starting as close to the DBMS as possible.

1. Make sure you can log on and submit queries locally with the account
   you'll be using for PHP.

2. Make sure you can submit queries on the web machine using straight
   freetds binaries (for example, run the tests that come with the

3. Test the PHP layer directly from the command line.

If everything works properly through at least step 2, you may want to
look at the PHP resources (mailing lists, FAQs, etc.) for some
additional guidance.

Hope this helps.

Bob Kline

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