ODBC/inline driver ignores transactions.

Bob Kline bkline at rksystems.com
Tue Jul 4 10:46:19 EDT 2000

About 450 lines down in his message, Daniel Lynes slipped in the question:

>    /* does anyone know how ODBC deals with multiple result sets? */

After any SQL statement which returns multiple results, the application
is positioned at the first result.  This result can be a result set or a
count of affected rows.  To move to the next result, the application can
call SQLMoreResults(), which returns SQL_SUCCESS[_WITH_INFO] as long as
another results set or count is available.  The driver needs to swallow
any rows in a result set which have not been fetched when moving to the
next result.  When no more results are available, SQLMoreResults()
returns SQL_NO_DATA.

Hope this helps.

Bob Kline
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