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Tue Jul 4 08:47:07 EDT 2000

Hi all.

We hawe still problems with it, the newest atchivment is message what lynx
is outputing "unexpected network error, unable to access document" when
accessing php script. Thats all.
mssql_connect and mssql_select_db are working, there are no errors with
them, but as soon as i make mssql_query, lynx reports that error, other
browser show page unavailable errors.
We hawe made interfaces file, SYBASE variable, recompiled whole thing with
4.2 (since in documentation the 7.0 protocol is no implemented yet). To
maybe give you a better picture, im including old mail, and all configure
commands also the test.php.
(we are using php 4)
./configure --with-tdsver=4.2
./configure --with-mysql --with-apache=
(path) --enable-sigchild --enable-ttf --with-sybase=/usr/local/freetds/

php is compiled with apache (both from sources)

script part: (test.php)

mssql_connect("hostip","username","password"); as usual :)
$sql="select * from table";
echo $row[0];

old message
Hi all.

It's probably a stupid question, but we hawe used up all ouer resources
trying to fix it.
The picture is following;

Network setup:

We hawe 3 mashines, each is doing it's putpose, 1 Linux system with php4
working as webserver, 1 SUN netra working as database server (oracle,mysql)
and 1 Windows NT server running MS SQL 7.

The need;

We need to be abel access the SUN and NT machines database from Linux PC
thru PHP, as we hawe discovered, the PHP official line is: MS SQL IS ONLY
While we surfed the net to find solution, we discovered free TDS, and found
comments that this solution fully works, so we started to try it.

The problem;

After firs compilation with php and apache (witch was fully succesful, no
errors) we run small script, it tryed just to establish database connection
(mssql_connec), the result was totaly emty page and message in the log:
segementation fault.
So we replased 4.2 version with 7.0.
Well, the only good to come from it was that there was no segmentation
faults, but instead, php reports bad password etc and in the logfile we
found curious error: no route to host, while we hawe access to it, tested
with telnet.

Since on of the projects is mission critical, and we need solution pretty
bad, i will apriciate any help  i can get....


Andrius Lokotash

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work: andrius at
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