[PATCH] Status byte, endianess, etc

Brian Macy bmacy at siterock.com
Mon Jul 3 12:28:50 EDT 2000

This is the patch I came up with getting freeTDS somewhat working on a
Solaris box talking to an MS SQL 7.0 box. I ended up having to use
DBD-ODBC to get what I needed but I wanted to make sure I contributed
back what I got. The parts of the patch:
- Fixes status field in DONE packet response to be 2 bytes instead of 1
- Clean-up get_smallint and get_int... mostly just efficiency but
get_smallint was confusing
- Integrates the stripping of the extra NULL fix on SYBCHAR fields for
- Makes TDS_INT and TDS_UINT be base off int32_t and uint32_t

Brian Macy
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