ODBC/inline driver ignores transactions.

Gene Sokolov hook at aktrad.ru
Mon Jul 3 10:07:40 EDT 2000

    I contacted Jon Pounder at Inline back then. He said that they were
planning to release the source soon. That was over 2 months ago.
    My understanding is that the Inline ODBC driver was either abandoned or
went proprietary. Consequently, if anyone is interested in a functional ODBC
driver they should consider an independent effort.
    The ODBC driver is actually a very simple thing. Take a skeleton for
free (for example from PostgreSQL) and add FreeTDS meat. It would take
probably no more than 2 weeks to write a working driver. I personally lost
interest - we simply ported our stuff straight to FreeTDS. The ODBC soure at
can be a good start. It has no functionality, but it has stubs for all
required functions.
    As for the transactions in inline driver - I think Inline simply forgot
to change BEGIN TRANSACTION (which, I believe, was in the original code -
valid for PostgreSQL) to just BEGIN. It might be possible to use a binary
editor to just change it to a right thing.

Gene Sokolov.

From: "Daniel Bruce Lynes" <dlynes1 at home.com>
> On 04/25/00, ""Gene Sokolov" <hook at aktrad.ru>" wrote:
> > Seems like the TDS 1.01 ODBC driver from inline.net (dated 22-mar-2000)
> > not support transactions (SQLTransact). It also does not return the
> > of affected rows. Can someone please confirm that? It's great that
inline is
> > providing a free driver, but release notes with explanations on what's
> > supported and what's not would save a lot of time.
> >
> > Inline: what are the plans for the source release? What are the plans
> > supporting transactions? Is it possible to buy the driver with
> > implemented?
> SQLTransact() is not currently implemented, afaik.  I downloaded the
> update from CVS today, and it still does not seem to be implemented.
> However, I've made some extensive modifications to the ODBC driver.  It
> completely useless in its current state.
> However, I've almost finished making enough changes to it so that even the
> simplest of applications can use it.
> I haven't done anything about SQLTransact(), however.
> I'm currently working on it with the newest Sybase ASE server for the
> platform.  I'm using glibc2.1.2 with it.
> I've also added about 50 lines of code to it, so that the caller can
> determine what SQL commands are even supported by the driver.  Our code
> broke against it, just doing a SQLConnect().  However, I've written the
> code for SQLGetFunctions() now, so that I can make a query against that to
> determine which functions are supported.
> I'm going to see if this project needs a maintainer for the ODBC portion
> it, and possibly volunteer my services for it.  I've also submitted
> to the author of the Oracle driver for unixODBC.  Those changes should be
> able for download within about another two weeks.
> We need our products to work on Linux and Windows.  That is the prime
> reason for me undertaking this initiative.
> Daniel Bruce Lynes
> eService Systems Corp.

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