ODBC/inline driver ignores transactions.

Daniel Bruce Lynes dlynes1 at home.com
Sat Jul 1 18:24:49 EDT 2000

On 04/25/00, ""Gene Sokolov" <hook at aktrad.ru>" wrote:
> Seems like the TDS 1.01 ODBC driver from inline.net (dated 22-mar-2000) does
> not support transactions (SQLTransact). It also does not return the number
> of affected rows. Can someone please confirm that? It's great that inline is
> providing a free driver, but release notes with explanations on what's
> supported and what's not would save a lot of time.
> Inline: what are the plans for the source release? What are the plans for
> supporting transactions? Is it possible to buy the driver with SQLTransact
> implemented?

SQLTransact() is not currently implemented, afaik.  I downloaded the latest 
update from CVS today, and it still does not seem to be implemented.  
However, I've made some extensive modifications to the ODBC driver.  It was 
completely useless in its current state.

However, I've almost finished making enough changes to it so that even the 
simplest of applications can use it.

I haven't done anything about SQLTransact(), however.

I'm currently working on it with the newest Sybase ASE server for the Linux 
platform.  I'm using glibc2.1.2 with it.

I've also added about 50 lines of code to it, so that the caller can 
determine what SQL commands are even supported by the driver.  Our code 
broke against it, just doing a SQLConnect().  However, I've written the 
code for SQLGetFunctions() now, so that I can make a query against that to 
determine which functions are supported.

I'm going to see if this project needs a maintainer for the ODBC portion of 
it, and possibly volunteer my services for it.  I've also submitted changes 
to the author of the Oracle driver for unixODBC.  Those changes should be 
able for download within about another two weeks.

We need our products to work on Linux and Windows.  That is the prime 
reason for me undertaking this initiative.

Daniel Bruce Lynes
eService Systems Corp.

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