Status of the JDBC driver

Stefan Bodewig bodewig at
Wed Jun 14 04:44:29 EDT 2000

>>>>> "CRG" == Carsten Rhod Gregersen <crg at> writes:

 CRG> Also should we (together) plan what should be done in the future
 CRG> on the project ???

IMHO the JDBC driver should be carried by more than one person, so of
course we - as the users of freetds_jdbc - should be involved in the
planning as well as in the testing and we - as the developers - should
take the additional part of fixing/implementing and so on.

The project will still need some kind of decision making process,
maybe need somebody to take the lead sometimes - and I'd be very glad
if Craig wanted to take that position.

As for future plans, here is my wish list:

0. get the capitalization of freetds_jdbc (or is it FreeTDS_JDBC or what)
right. This is a personal goal that doesn't need to bother anybody
else 8^).

1a. reach full JDBC 1.0 ASAP (as far as it is possible to implement, if
I read Craig's comments correctly SQL Server 6 is not fit for this).

1b. add TDS 7.0 support including NCHAR and friends as well as
CHAR/BINARY columns with more than 255 characters. This part is more
or less ready - Bob Kline has implemented most of it already.

2. reach JDBC 2.1 core.

Don't know whether to shoot for the "extension parts" of JDBC 2.1 or
for sqlj next - but it is a long way to get there first.


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