Solaris 2.7 problems compiling, and then with running freetds against Sybase...

Ken Corey Ken.Corey at
Fri Apr 14 08:41:02 EDT 2000

Hi All,

I just downloaded version .50 of freetds the other day. My OS is Solaris 
2.7, and Sybase 11. I had two problems: a compilation problem, and an 
operational problem,

Compilation problem:
In trying to compile it on Solaris 2.7, it seemed to go okay, but I 
realized that the tests weren't compiling.  So, after some research, I 
realized that TDS and DBLIB weren't being linked against "-lnsl -lsocket".  
Once I made this change, TDS compiled, and tested just fine.

dblib was getting this error:
insert into dblib0001 values (39, 'row 039')
insert into dblib0001 values (40, 'row 040')
DB-LIBRARY error (severity 18):
   The token datastream length was not correct. This is an internal 
protocol error.

ctlib didn't have a Makefile created, so I couldn't try to test it.

Operational problem:
Using the tds library to connect directly, and execute the query seems to 
work.  However, when the process goes away, tds_free_socket doesn't seem to 
let the database off the hook.  Therefore the database's cpu usage goes 
through the roof.

The simple select I'm doing seems to work, and returns results I can print 
out, but the database doesn't seem to clean up after itself when a process 

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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