Inline TDS ODBC driver Alpha Release

Ken Seymour kenaseymour at
Tue Mar 14 16:56:17 EST 2000

--- Jon Pounder <pounder at> wrote:
> Inline ( is proud to announce we have
> almost completed an
> ODBC driver based upon a patched version of the
> freetds library.

So I wonder if I need to bother doing any more work on
the FreeTDS ODBC driver?

I wonder when they intend to release the source to the
ODBC portion of their work?

> This is being released today as a binary only alpha
> copy for people to try
> on various o/s's. Source will be released shortly as
> well, once it has
> stabilized somewhat, and debugging sections removed.
> This is being released in this manner due to the
> increased number of items
> on various lists asking for tds library fixes we
> already have, and for a
> driver for Sybase and MS Sqlserver in general. When
> we feel the code is in
> a relatively stable and clean state, we will be
> releasing the driver itself
> as open source.
> There have been changes to the freetds library as
> well so we are getting
> those integrated in that project meanwhile. (This
> includes porting it to
> windows). 
> The driver runs with various versions of MS
> Sqlserver and Sybase, and on
> either windows or various unix variants. The driver
> has been a ground up
> redo of the existing freetds odbc driver, and fixes
> many of the incorrect
> behaviours it had, as well as adding a host of new
> features. 
> The driver does not require a native ODBC driver on
> the system with the
> dbms. The driver communicates directly with the dbms
> engine, and is not a
> bridge of any sort. The only server side requirement
> is having the dbms
> configured to use tcp/ip, and not just named pipes
> which is the MS default.
> Several additional features are in the works related
> to the catalog
> functions, and multidirectional cursors, and those
> will be completed as
> well when we release the source code.
> The drivers is posted on the
> download page. 
> Contact me directly if you need a driver for an
> operating system it is not
> posted for.
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> 	Inline Internet Systems
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