make test fails

John DeJournett johnde at
Wed Mar 8 17:18:55 EST 2000

Hello all,

I am hoping for a little assistance in getting the freetds tests to
complete successfully.  I am building the 0.50 library on an older
slakware linux system.  To make the story short, 'make' and 'make
install' complete successfully, but every test in 'make test' fails.  I
have tried rebuilding, and I do have SYBASE and LD_LIBRARY_PATH set as
specified in the install file.  I have also put the sybase directory
into, but this did not help.

My first guess is that there is some dependancy for the tests to work
that is not set up on my system.  I don't want to overload the newsgroup
with excessive and needless troubleshooting information, so a list of
what would be most helpful to solve the problem would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks for the assistance.

John DeJournett

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