current CVS version won't connect to MSSQL 7

Brian Bruns camber at
Thu Feb 24 18:59:55 EST 2000

It's not a problem with TDS 4.2 as the server is supposed to do endian
conversion, but with TDS 7.0 there does not seem to be a way to specify
the endianess of the client.  So, I assume the client is responsible for
dealing with it (the server always sends little endian). 

BTW glib has endian conversion functions and as glib is being used in the
ODBC driver, does anyone mind whether we make glib a prerequisite?
Probably affects the sparc folks more than anybody.


On 24 Feb 2000, William P. McGonigle wrote:

> --- Brian Bruns wrote:
> Eh, but isn't network order MSB (big endian) and sparc host order would be
> big endian as well, so no conversion would take place...i think anyway....
> But agreed, maybe we need htoms and mstoh ? :-)
> --- end of quote ---
> Seems right on both accounts. 
> BTW, I'm now using FreeTDS (last week's CVS) --with-tdsver=4.2 against MSSQL 7 on Solaris 7 and everything seems to be working perfectly (apache/mod_perl/Apache::DBI/DBD::Sybase).  The only thing that suprised me was to find MSSQL errors in the apache error log, and not in the TDS log.  
> Great job, guys.
> -Bill

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