Many Thanks And a small bug

Francis Smit francis at
Thu Feb 17 19:09:43 EST 2000

Firstly I'd like to thank you all for Helping
me with getting freeTDS going from our
Linux/Apache/PHP box to our NT/MS SQL
Server Boxes, many of you wouldn't know
you had helped :-)#  but I read your emails
helping others, and solved my own probs,
esp thanks to those like Brian Bruns and
and Christian Oyarzun for more personal
Help Thanks Guys.

Now My bug: I've found a sure fire way
to crash my apache sub process, we have
DB's for a piece of crapware which I'd
best not name, that uses many tables
with ridiculously many fields (most of them,
are unused when I asked them they said are
reserved ????huh???), any way at one time
we played with replication, an as a result we
have a field called "rowguid" defined like so:

[rowguid]  uniqueidentifier ROWGUIDCOL  NOT NULL

now if I do a SELECT * FROM tablename on this
I'll get an error document contained
no data, and the error log has this line in it,

[Fri Feb 18 11:00:03 2000] [notice] child pid 28520 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

but if I specify the fields I want (and leave) the
"rowguid" field out all is well, but other smaller
tables (smaller as in <= 40, 50 ish fields),  are fine
with SELECT *, not a real show stopper, as I rarely
use SELECT that way, and I certainly don't want
that many fields at once, but I guess it need fixing,
if I can help stack tracing what not, just email me.
Thanks for your time.


                                           Grisly    . oo
Francis Smit

Knowledge By Design/OzTel
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Sydney 2000 NSW

mailto:francis at

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