connection problems with the jdbc driver

Craig Spannring cts at
Fri Feb 11 09:54:20 EST 2000

Are the problem clients running NT 4.0 SP6 by chance?

Helge Smebye writes:
 > I am still struggeling with the freetds and our SQLServer 6.5.  The 
 > machines I have problems with are both "fresh" machines with only IIS, 
 > ServletExec and Java 1.2.2.  (We have problems with two machines on two 
 > different locations accessing two different SQLServers)
 > All other machines I have tried works.  These other machines all have run 
 > some time, and have other programs installed as well (office, Apache, 
 > ....)
 > How do I do a stacktrace in my servlets ?
 > Please help !

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