How MS implement Positioned cursors on SQL 6.5

Craig Spannring Craig.Spannring at
Wed Feb 9 19:29:31 EST 2000

Stevenson, Chris (SSABSA) writes:
 > > Simply put, most of the 2.0 enhancements can't be implemented cleanly
 > > and reliably on a relational database.
 > I disagree with this *very* strongly, and the proof is in 
 > the pudding of all the (commercial) implementations.

Most of the 2.0 drivers (mine included) are just 1.0 drivers where the
new methods just throw an exception.  You'll have to make better
pudding before I'll buy that argument.

 > > Sorry about the rant, I just get a little angry everytime I read the
 > > "JDBC 2.0 API" document.
 > I just want to see it work! I think this is a *major*
 > blocker for JDBC in enterprise houses, and I refuse
 > to pay $X0000 for what should be readily available.

That's the nice thing about open source, you can always change it as
you see fit.  

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