patch for SIGPIPE in tds_write_packet

Geoff Winkless geoff at
Wed Jan 26 04:07:11 EST 2000

"Mark Schaal" <mark at> writes:
> That type of information is usually available in the man pages.
>     "If a read() is interrupted by a signal before it  reads  any
>      data, it will return -1 with errno set to EINTR.
>      If a read() is interrupted by a signal after it has success-
>      fully  read  some  data,  it will return the number of bytes
>      read."

I'm aware of what the manual pages say.

The question was not whether or not a signal would cause read() to fail,
rather whether disconnecting the client from the server at the server end
would cause a SIGPIPE (as it does in write()) or if it merely causes read()
to fail with an error returned.

I suppose I could write some test code, I was just wondering if anyone knew
the answer already.

But thanks for being patronising, it really makes my job a hell of a lot
more fun.


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