via PHP to Microsoft SQL Server V7.0

Brian Bruns camber at
Mon Jan 17 20:59:27 EST 2000

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, James Cameron wrote:

> Right, I've got an outgoing connection to the server now.  Thanks for
> your help.
> Building php3 with -ldb causes dbopen() in the sybase_connect() function
> to resolve to libdb instead of libsybase.  Strange.
This is the bug formally known as 'the dbm conflict' :-) There is a switch
--enable-dbmfix for freetds that will rename dbopen() to tdsdbopen()
however this requires that PHP or whatever (Perl does it too) call
tdsdbopen() instead of dbopen().  I've been thinking about putting a patch
together for PHP, but have so far been too lazy ;-)


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