Packaging FreeTDS for Debian

Brian Bruns camber at
Wed Dec 29 11:07:45 EST 1999

Yeah, that would be nice. I was trying to get dbmetrix to play with Sybase
(its a gnome db admin tool, but cross vendor), but the snapshot I grabbed 
had some strange behaviour.  It's been a while, maybe I'll see if it's
resolved. But anyway, that was one of the things I was adding there.

BTW I've allowed for specifying the TDS version in the interfaces file (I
used the "ether" field which was junk anyway), if you put tds4.2, tds5.0,
or tds7.0 in that field then FreeTDS will use that as the protocol version
to connect with.


On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Michael Peppler wrote:

> Brian Bruns writes:
>  > Good point, it would probably reduce the number of times people ask on the
>  > list how to add entries to the interfaces file :-) I've hacked some
>  > directions up and put them at the top of the interfaces file that ships,
>  > I'll check it in with the other stuff.
> Maybe someone could write a small perl script (or even a shell script) 
> that lets people enter the hostname (or ip address) and port and that
> then enters the new values correctly. Sort of like a mini-dsedit.
> Michael
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