Packaging FreeTDS for Debian

Andreas Tille tillea at
Wed Dec 29 07:45:10 EST 1999

Sorry, also this mail was delayed due to problems in my mailing system for
one week.

On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Brian Bruns wrote:

> > I think it should *definitely* be /etc/freetds/interfaces, not
> > /etc/interfaces. 
> > 
> > There are other files that will ultimately have to live there, such
> > charset files and locale files.
> > 
> Under FHS (as I understand it anyway) charset and locale file would
> /usr/share, my question is do client applications expect these files
> be certain places or is it just OpenClient that cares?
You are right.  Charset and locale files have not to go to /etc
because they are sharable over different architectures.
> Do you have any examples of apps that look directly at things in
> Manual builds (make install) will always be stored entirely under
> /usr/local/freetds/* but I'd like to allow package maintainers some
> flexibility to put things where they make sense for that distro. Sort
> like, if SYBASE is defined, expect there to be a freetds directory
> all the stuff under there, otherwise expect in it a compile time
> location.
Flexibility is the main point!
I guess, the locale files are no problem because they depend from
the configuration of the gettext library.
But giving the possibility to choose the location via compile-time
options keeps you always on the right side.
By the way: Thinking about the name "interfaces" I wonder, if it
shouldn't be substituted by something which gives a hint on FreeTDS.
If you decide not to do this, I would recommend a comment in the
first line to which package the beast belongs and what it is
supposed to do.

Merry Christmas and a happy 1900^H^H^H^H2000


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