DBD::Sybase-0.21 hangs on testing

John Gilmore-Baldwin john at dwx.com
Mon Dec 27 10:12:55 EST 1999

It appears to be a difference between accessing a MSSQL server vs. Sybase.

Here's when I set up to connect to a MSSQL server:

dmr6:baldwin:15:DBD-Sybase-0.21:% perl t/fail.t
ok 1
not ok 2
Invalid object name 'no_such_table'.

It hangs and I need to cancel out.  Here's when I try to connect to a
Sybase server:

dmr6:baldwin:13:DBD-Sybase-0.21:% perl t/fail.t
ok 1
ok 2
ok 3
ok 4
ok 5
Panic: dynamic SQL (? placeholders) are not supported by the server you are
connecting to at blib/lib/DBD/Sybase.pm line 95.

Here are some factors that may play a role:

1.  The MSSQL server is running on an Alpha NT server.
2.  The MSSQL server is allocated only a tiny amount of memory.
3.  SQSH will die with a bus error if I select an INT field from the MSSQL
4.  The MSSQL server is at version 7.0.  (I haven't tried compiling freetds
with version set to 7.0)
5.  The freetds software is running on a Solaris 2.5.1 box.

Hope any/all of this helps.

John Gilmore-Baldwin

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