DBD::Sybase-0.21 and latest CVS snapshot

Kevin Wormington kworm at sofnet.com
Thu Dec 23 19:00:02 EST 1999


I have been using a 0.47 snapshot with DBD::Sybase-0:20 and 0:21 with great
success going against MS-SQL 7 servers.  I use it for radiator radius and
the only problem I have seen is a very slow memory leak, which is why I
thought I would try a later 0.50 snapshot.  The snapshot will compile fine
but the following select returns some strange characters keeping radiator
from operating correctly.  Here is the perl snippet :

    my $q = "select id, username, password, active, timeleft, blockuser
             from customer where username='$name'";

    my $sth = $self->prepareAndExecute($q);
    return undef unless $sth;

    my $user;
    my ($cust_id, $username, $password, $active, $timeleft, $blockuser);
    if (($cust_id, $username, $password, $active, $timeleft, $blockuser) =
    $self->log($main::LOG_INFO,"$cust_id, $password, $username, $timeleft,

Here are the results of the above self->log printout:

Thu Dec 23 17:48:03 1999: INFO: 1074, jaw^@, jaw^@, ,

As you can see there are some "^@" after each field.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Also, I have tried it with tdsver=4.2 and 7.0 and with
DBD::Sybase 0.20 and 0.21.

Merry Christmas...

Sofnet, Inc.

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